Yogurt Ice Cream Recipe

Yogurt Ice Cream Recipe

Looking for an economical and tasty ice cream recipe to sell and profit? Discover how to make a very creamy Greek yogurt ice cream that is also valid for dieters!

This sweet, also called a bag, is a summer treat that you can easily prepare at home and sell to the world. This yogurt ice cream recipe is a different, tasty, refreshing and nutritious way to enjoy yogurt, especially on hot days. The result is similar to the frozen yogurt (frozen yogurt) of the gringos and has the advantage of being low in calories and fat, as it does not include cream or condensed milk.

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Ingredients for making yogurt ice cream:

 1 liter of liquid milk

 500 grams of Greek yogurt

 5 tablespoons of sugar or sweetener

 100 grams of jelly or jam (optional)

 4 tablespoons of powdered milk

How to make yogurt ice cream:

In a blender place the yogurt, all the liquid milk, the sugar and the powdered milk. If you want to prepare a flavored yogurt ice cream, use, for example, a strawberry yogurt. Another alternative is to use natural yogurt and add strawberry jam, for example.

Tip: Remember that you can prepare yogurt ice creams of any flavor you prefer.

Blend these ingredients in a blender until you get a smooth, creamy mixture.

After beating well, just put the yogurt ice cream mixture in the ice cream bags. You can do this more easily with the help of a funnel or a pet bottle.

Fill the bag with ice cream leaving a free space at the end to tie. To do this, roll up the empty end of the ice cream, exerting pressure to eliminate air bubbles inside.

Then just tie a knot in order to close it well. Remember that, in this step, it is very important not to loosen the bag, for the ice cream mixture to leak and to keep its compact shape inside.

Carefully place the homemade ice creams in the freezer and set aside for 24 hours before serving or selling.

Now you can enjoy these delicious yogurt bags! As you have seen, they are very easy to make and with few ingredients, so make this Greek yogurt ice cream recipe right away and let us know what you think in the comments. Bon appetit and good sales!

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